Looking for help with a certain crasher

I’m looking for someone running Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 who has been submitting crash reports similar to this one.

Basically if you’ve got a crash report pointing to nsAccessNode::ClearCacheEntry, I request that you contact me directly or here on this blog. I’m interested in whether you can reproduce the crash, what steps you’re taking, etc.

Unfortunately, none of the crash reports contain any comments, so we have no clue what’s going on other than that these crashes appear at least once per day.

And while we have fixed the obvious cause, I’m worried that there may be an underlying greater symptom, and it’s my hope that, if the person submitting these crashes can be found, we can determine the actual problem.

Thanks for any assistance!


4 thoughts on “Looking for help with a certain crasher

  1. The system just locks up when browsing sometimes, while trying to pull up another page. I have to reboot the pc which I hate doing and then cycle shut down a couple of times.

  2. Hmmm, I’ve been submitting crash reports without comments for the last few weeks. Beta 5 has been crashing on me left and right, numerous times a day. After reading your post I submitted another report today and added a comment with my email address. Where do I look to see if a report is pointing to nsAccessNode::ClearCacheEntry?

  3. @Paul: Do the sites you are trying to navigate to have Flash? I have noticed myself, but this was also reported by sighted folks without accessibility, that current Flash players and Firefox 3.0b5/3.0pre seem to have a tendency to hang. Could that be what you’re seeing?

    @Mawrya: Thanks for submitting the report! Sent you private e-mail to follow up on it. It’s not the stack signature I was looking for, but also one that’s in our top crashers list (see but 429620). Also, if you enter about:crashes in your Location bar, you’ll get a list of all the reports you submitted. Bringing up each of these reports gives you the signature of the crash right in the page’s title.

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