Making the AwesomeBar even more awesome!

Today I decided that Twitter is indeed something I want to use more often in the future. As I was looking around AMO, I found the TwitterBar extension by Chris Finke.

This thing is truly awesome, and it adds even more awesomeness to the AwesomeBar of Firefox 3! For mouse users, there is a little icon to the right of the AwesomeBar that allows you to post whatever you typed right to your Twitter account. If you hover the mouse over it, it will show you the remaining character count.

However for keyboard users, it is truly awesome as well. When you have finished writing your update, simply hit space and type the characters


, and without having to hit Enter, it will send the text you typed to the Twitter account just the same!

So now not only can I rummage through my tags, bookmarks and history, I can post to my twitter account without having to give it *any* more thought. How cool is that!

The only thing I will want to work out with Chris Finkle is the issue of how to get to the information how many characters I have left to type without using a mouse.


2 thoughts on “Making the AwesomeBar even more awesome!

  1. @Christopher: Is that the one labelled “TwitterBar” in plain text when I open View/Toolbars/Customize Toolbar…”? Unfortunately, that dialog’s not very accessible, and since blind users don’t use toolbars usually, we didn’t put any particular emphasis on it, so I am not sure how to proceed here.

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