How to make JAWS 8.0 load the Firefox configuration for Firefox 3.0

In order for JAWS 8.0 to load the Firefox configuration also for Firefox 3.0, so that a Virtual Find can be performed using Ctrl+F, the file C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataFreedom ScientificJAWS8.0SettingsenuConfigNames.ini must be edited. At the end of the file, add the line


and save the file.

This change cannot be made in a user specific ConfigNames.ini file because JAWS does not support layering this file with a common and a user specific file.

Note that under Vista, this file is in C:ProgramDataFreedom…, and it must be edited as administrator. On the start menu, select NotePad, press Applications, select “Run as administrator”, load, edit, and save the file.

In either case, JAWS should pick up this change immediately.


7 thoughts on “How to make JAWS 8.0 load the Firefox configuration for Firefox 3.0

  1. Hi Marco,
    I just installed Firefox 3 and I want to ask you one question about it:
    I am using JAWS 9 and I am wondering is there any way or plugin for RSS support in Firefox? In IE7 there’s a built-in function of JAWS to announce the presence of RSS feeds on a page, but this function is not available in the Firefox browser so I am wondering how to view an available RSS feeds for a given page and how to subscribe and access a particular feed with Firefox?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Djgeorgie,
    The announcement of RSS feed availability is a function of JAWS, not the web browser. I believe Freedom Scientific could make this function work in Firefox as well if they got enough user requests for it.

    However, there is of course a possibility. If you see that the page contains RSS feeds from its contents, or you suspect that it should have an RSS feed, look in the Bookmarks menu. You’ll most likely find the item “Subscribe to this page” as the second item from the top. This means that there is a feed you can subscribe to. Selecting the menu item will bring up a page that allows you to subscribe to the feed via a live bookmark or some feed reader sites. Once you’ve chosen to subscribe to it via a live bookmark, there will be a new item on the Bookmarks menu titled like the page you’re subscribing to, and its sub menu items are the newest articles that you can select, or open the page directly from that sub menu as well.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Hi, Marco, this is a response to the post you left in my LJ. Thanks for the link and the info, I will be bookmarking your blog, but while I had problems with virtual find in Firefox 3, I did not have this problem in the other Firefox versions, and I am using Jaws 9 something, whatever the latest version is. Any ideas?

  4. Hi Kestrell, thanks for getting back to me! Firefox 3 changed the executable name from Firefox 2. Please use the steps given above on your JAWS 9.0 installation as well, just checking if the line


    is present in your ConfigNames.ini. Perhaps a previous version of this JAWS 9 file did not include this line, and the updates somehow did not put the line in.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hello Marco,

    I also have the same problem with jaws 9.0 and firefox. The line is in the ini-file. Firefox Version is 3.0.1.

    Maybe I have done wrong?



  6. Ji Yasemin,

    no, you haven’t done anything wrong. But the line needs updating. The version number is no longer 3.0, but 3.0.1. So, the line must be:

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