WebVisum had to switch to an invitational registration system, I can give out invites!

As you may have read on the WebVisum website, the team had to switch to an invitation-based registration system. The spambot abuse attempts became such a toll on the team after such a short time already that they were forced to take this step.

However, all is not lost with this step! There are already a lot of WebVisum users out there who can invite others. So if you are not a member of WebVisum yet, but know someone who is, ask them for an invitation!

If you don’t know anyone who might have a WebVisum account already, but are reading this blog and want to try it out, please send me private e-mail at marco dot zehe at gmail. I can send out invitations so you can benefit from the CAPTCHA solving, graphics recognition and other great features this Firefox extension offers.

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3 thoughts on “WebVisum had to switch to an invitational registration system, I can give out invites!

  1. Marco,
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post.

    I am legally blind and would like to use Visum. I went to register and found that I needed an invite to use it. I know no one that uses it. Could you invite me? I apologize for the inconvenience. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

  2. Please, it would like to ask for invitation – Your GMAIL returned my message.

    I am journalist, work with photograph and live in the South of Brazil, I have my wife with necessities special, is blind completely. I help it in its daily tasks.
    I will be the disposal in helping in the community of WebVisum.

    Esteem and consideration, follow some links of my professional work.

    JOÃO DE NORONHA. . Photograph for the Education, Science and Culture.

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