Updated ARIA-spiced form example to work in IE 8

I updated my simple form example from the third Easy ARIA Tip to also work in IE 8. I had to explicitly state a doc type to put IE out of quirks mode into proper IE 8 mode, and I also had to change the type attribute’s value of the script tag to “text/javascript” from […]

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Happy birthday, world wide web!

Today, CERN will celebrate the 20th birthday of the world wide web. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Berners-Lee for writing the initial proposal and sticking to the idea even though his boss, Mike Sendall forgot about it after calling it “vague, but exciting…”. For me, the web has opened a ton […]

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JQuery UI 1.7 released

The jQuery UI team has released jQuery UI 1.7. Congrats on this release! One thing the team did not mention in the above blog post is the fact that jQuery UI 1.7 is the first version to contain WAI-ARIA enhancements, making the widgets more, or at all, accessible. WOOT! It’s really cool to see another […]

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