NV Access receives a Mozilla grant to further push accessibility on the web

The Mozilla project is very committed to making the web available to all people. To further that goal, members of the Mozilla community actively work with Non-Visual Desktop Access and other accessibility initiatives to make sure everyone benefits from the web.

Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is the best free screen reader solution for Windows and an open source project. It provides feedback via synthetic speech and Braille and enables blind or vision impaired people to access computers running Windows for no more cost than a sighted person. The NVDA developers work closely with Mozilla to ensure a great user experience with every Firefox release. Over the past few years, the projects have joined forces numerous times to drive new web technologies such as WAI-ARIA forward and into the hands of blind people so these could participate in the open web just like their sighted counterparts.

Its because of this close, ongoing link with NVDA that Mozilla has awarded a $80k grant to NV Access, the non-profit group overseeing NVDA. The grant will enable NVDA to improve the rich text editing and viewing experience as well as make general improvement over the next year.

You can help accessibility for the web by getting involved with the NVDA or Mozilla projects, or even coming on board at Mozilla Co!


6 thoughts on “NV Access receives a Mozilla grant to further push accessibility on the web

  1. I’m glad this finally came. NVDA rociks, and Mozi is acting responsibly as best they can with this new “marketing to the dumbed down” naming strategy, and yes my friends I will continue to criticize the new versioning scheme that Mozilla adopted to do what? Oh yes, to show that they are scared of chrome now, not the browser development leader that they have been for years. Yes, it is just “newspeak”, but it is not Scottish, (for those who remember SNL). Peace, and again thanks Mozilla.

  2. Hi there. I’m so thankful to Mozilla! I really am. Hope NVDA will be able to improve even further. Thanks again.

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