New in accessibility in Firefox 10

Firefox 10 has just been released. Here is a recap of the things that were fixed in accessibility for this release.

First and foremost, we managed to fix a whole range of bugs related to focus reporting. For more details, please read this post.

In Linux, the caret position is now correctly updated again when using atk_text_set_caret_offset is used.

Accessibility now supports the list attribute on inputs and the datalist element of HTML5. An indication is given that this input supports autocompletion and that it has a list. Pressing DownArrow will put you in a list of choices, enter will allow you to accept the selected item and put it in the entry.

Info about the map tag is now being reported correctly.

The feature to read highlighted text via the Mac OS X speech feature under the “Edit” menu has been fixed to work properly in Lion. This also applies to Thunderbird where this issue was first reported to us.

Telemetry has been updated to report the use of the iSimpleDOM interface by assistive technologies. It also now reports if depricated IAccessible2 methods are still being used by any AT out there. For more information on what telemetry is and how we use it, please read my post on this subject.

If a table has the datatable attribute’s value set to “0”, we now always treat it as a layout table and set the object attribute for the table accessible accordingly. The algorithm to determine whether something is a layout table has been enhanced so that it no longer picks up data table elements from nested tables.

We fixed a few issues having to do with accessibleRelation exposure for select elements that are nested inside labels, and with xul:tree elements and their children.

All in all, we almost reached the 50 fixed bugs mark in this cycle in the Accessibility APIs component alone. Congrats to the whole team and all external contributors who also helped with a number of these!


6 thoughts on “New in accessibility in Firefox 10

  1. Good stuff. I was reading on PC World about issues with add-on compatibility and the rapid release of FF now. I guess my only concern is with Webvisum. Is this going to be an issue going forward?

  2. The version of WebVisum on the WebVisum site, provided the maxVersion value is still how I had it to be modified, itself will never be an issue. The only real issue is the person who runs the WebVisum server [CAPTCHA solving, anotations et cetera] ceases operating it. You can obviously infer from the [recently?] revised FAQ page he really has no interest doing much with it. It still surprises and disappoints me to this day the project was not funded like it should be. If I had $50000 USD I would donate $5000 USD of that just to ensure upgrades are implemented [e.g. the horrible non-working OCR function] and just to ensure it continues.

    To Marco, does this entire post mean me as an Aurora user since 9.0 has been using all this goodness all along? Aurora 12.0a2 has not been released but it is only a matter of time and I am anticipating the further accessibility improvements.

  3. @Jonathan, yes, you have been using these features since you got the upgrade to Aurora 10. I used to post these new things in accessibility at the time of the Aurora migration, but it caused some confusion among readers since most use the release builds, not the Aurora or even Nightly channels. So I at one point started to post these updates at the time of the actual major release dates.

  4. Marco,
    Thanks for good news. There are still tables related accessibility problems in thunderbird, e.g. multiple recipients problem. Do you have some news concerning that?

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