How to get WebVisum working again

Update: As of some time this lunch time in Europe, WebVisum is back in full working business. The instructions to edit one’s hosts file to point to the IP address for the WebVisum service directly has, therefore, been removed from this post. It is no longer required.


7 thoughts on “How to get WebVisum working again

  1. For XP users that are already running as Administrator, this also works:
    1. Start -> Run… and paste this in:
    cmd /C echo>>%SystemRoot%system32driversetchosts

  2. My Webvisum add-on started working again with no changes to the driver file. If for whatever reason the development team decides to stop working on the project, is there anyone at Mozilla that would consider incorporating the project into their core?

  3. “should find out how your distribution manages custom IP address to host name mappings”?

    I’ve yet to run across a distro where /etc/hosts doesn’t work as a direct equivalent to C:windowssystem32driversetchosts right down to accepting the same syntax.

  4. I haven’t been able to get Webvisum’s CAPTCHA solving tool to work for months. Earlier this week, I tried their “Ask the Experts” link and got a “Page not found” message. So, I’m sorry you removed your instructions.

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