Merry Christmas, everyone!

To everyone who celebrates it, a very merry Christmas! Advertisements

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The Number 15

Today, we passed the two thirds mark of this crazy project. It is Sunday, December 15, the third advent. Time to reflect a bit on the number 15, which takes a bit of a special place in my life.

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Happy birthday, Mom!

Yes, my Mom has her birthday today. She’s 70 now. And I’ll go see her and the whole extended family on Sunday to celebrate. But don’t you worry, the Sunday blog post is already planned. 🙂 And that’s all for today, folks. 🙂

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12 years at Mozilla

Today marks my 12th anniversary working for Mozilla. I started on December 3, 2007, as a contractor, and moved to a full employment 13 months later, in January 2009. So in January this year, I was employed there 10 years.

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Rediscovering blindness products

In recent months, I have discovered a tendency within myself that longs for more focused, hassle-free environments or niches, where distractions are reduced to a minimum, and I can immerse myself in one thing, and one thing only. And that has lead to rediscovering the merits of some blindness-specific products.

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