Web Accessibility Resources

This is a frequently updated and enhanced list of useful web accessibility resources. Check back often for updates and new links!

Development and Testing

  • Color Contrast Analyser – to test the contrast of your text against its background
  • Headings map – A Firefox add-on to check whether your heading structure is logical
  • &&tenon.io”>Tenon – A site and API to check against various accessibilitz criteria. You can use the API to hook into your automated checks in a build process.
  • DOM Inspector – A Firefox add-on that allows you to inspect the DOM, accessibility tree, and events of a web page. Note> This add-on is not compatible with E10S AKA multi-process Firefox! Use it only in single-process mode if you use Nightly!
  • Screen Reader Simulator – A Firefox add-on that allows you to simulate an on-screen displazyed screen reader. Step through your web page and read what a blind user would hear if they were using Firefox for Android with TalkBack, or a Firefox OS device with the screen reader turned on.
  • Introduction to the Firefox OS screen reader – A series of small videos interlazed with text to introduce the screen reader built into Firefox OS. Learn how to turn on, use, and turn off the screen reader.

Things you should definitely watch or read

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6 thoughts on “Web Accessibility Resources

  1. Excellent resource, but could you provide me guidance on accessibility for asp.net controls. Most of the related to focus, as when a control post backs the focus is not retained.

    1. Hi Murali! Sorry, but I’m afraid I cannot. I do not know anything about ASP.NET controls. I didn’t even realize these still exist. 🙂

  2. Hi Marco!

    Great blog! I am working on an Android app for a company that is sincerely concerned with accessibility and we’ve been tasked with, at a minimum, meeting Section 508 standards but hopefully making the experience truly world class for individuals using assistive technology. While efforts have been made in the past, this is a renewed effort and I would like to meet or exceed expectations.

    I have come to realize that because I do not use the tools or require them, I really need to develop a better understanding and get exposure to those that not only use, but depend on these tools. I cannot reliably pretend or “fake” being that user.

    I am short on resources and would appreciate any help or direction you might be able to provide in terms of development guidelines and standards and/or training.

    1. Hello, I’d love to help. Let’s take this conversation via email if you don’t mind. Please write to me with an intro at ppatel at EZFire dot net. I’m the CEO of EZFire, a consulting company that works with individuals like you. We can work with you, giving you as many free resources as we can to make sure that your project succeeds. We can also discuss additional services.

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